Within the Community: A Mentoring Community

With close ties to Jacksonville University, the linking of education to a health care community will have many firsts of a kind.

Like a teaching hospital, it will provide innovative cutting-edge learning for nursing students who can directly apply education and gain professional mentorship and others being trained in a health care setting, including kinesiology, communication and speech disorders, orthodontics, and other pre-professional studies will gain the latest evidence based, hands-on experience in rehabilitation techniques that improve senior disabilities.

Dolphin Pointe on the leading edge of healthcare and medical practice. Onsite research, clinical trials, and continuing medical education will benefit the skilled aging community at Dolphin Pointe Health Care and the students who need to complete clinical rotation and practicum.

Health care students train under supervising nurses and senior staff. They’ll learn to assist with the coordination of care. Bringing a focus to the customer experience in the health care setting is a component of the educational processs that is crucial to the success of the soon to be health care professionals. Because quality of care can be linked to physician practice, Dolphin Pointe Health Care aims to rise above industry standards and increase the attendance and interaction with community doctors. This bodes well for attending students who will further gain in scope of practice from physician insight.

But the real game-changer is patient well-being. Experts agree that an increased presence of physicians in skilled nursing facilities can increase patient satisfaction, reduce risk of rehospitalization, and improve patient outcomes.

A Community of Firsts

• First among the aging industry to build into a university’s allied health program
• First teaching skilled nursing facility
• First all private suite nursing center