Layers of Care

As experts in senior care, leaders of Dolphin Pointe Health Care are reinventing the aging industry. Currently, there’s a big shift away from institutional care to a continuum of care that starts with independent living to various levels of assistance and the focus is on individual choice.
This proactive approach centers on individual need and aging in place. That means less moving from the safety and comfort of community and home and avoiding a state of hospital limbo and institutional care and finally getting a rite of passage.

It’s about having a right to age gracefully in a manner of your choice alongside your spouse within a family of caring medical professionals. Being surrounded by an active community that endorses the prevention of immobility with a myriad of rehabilitative programs – you will age better, have less stress, and keep valuable social networks.
Naturally, every person who makes up our network is essential to well-being. In the last sixty years there have been numerous studies that show that either loneliness or isolation or the combination of both, have a significant impact on an individual’s health.

Armed with this evidence, we give a comprehensive commitment to health and embrace community involvement. Dolphin Pointe plans support systems with a variety of publics that will engage all residents with events, activity, and therapeutic paths that improve the aging process.


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A strong support will be the addition of a rehabilitative gym. Planning one of this area’s largest outpatient spaces consisting of therapy pools with submerged treadmills, anti-gravity treadmills to offset pain and joint dysfunction, and other award-winning equipment that is second to none, will benefit everyone in the community.
Within the neighborhood, medical establishments will come. By bringing closer access to medical treatment and diagnostic services, patient outcomes improve. This will change the current culture of marginalized and distant services.

Other plans include building medical professional buildings staffed by local health care companies and university graduates to serve community need.
An urgent-care facility will be set within the community to medically help students, employees and residents. Urgent care services will also go a long way to assist patients in a skilled nursing setting and offset the current plague of frequent and stressful hospital admissions.

By bringing layers of care, Dolphin Pointe’s actions and intentions will not only improve community health, but also improve economic outcomes and quality of life.