Dolphin Pointe: The Calling

A destiny, a calling, and a dream have to do with who we are and the experiences we possess. Greg Nelson’s calling has been a successful history of leading the skilled nursing industry, and consulting or owning a variety of health care businesses.

Put that all together, and you have destiny, which is creating the land adjacent to Jacksonville University into Dolphin Pointe Landing. And the dream is about aligning with Clear Choice Health Care, the finest leaders in the skilled nursing industry. Ones with a storied past filled with a full ledger of best outcomes concerning seniors.

When the last brick is set, Greg and his team will accomplish what very few American universities have done. They will link two disparate generations together in a way that each will benefit from the other and uplift an underserved neighborhood with educational and economic opportunity.

Although Dolphin Pointe Health Care is not entirely built, the dream has begun with ties to the past – to a bygone era where doing right by each other and looking out for your fellow man was a commonality. Where neighbors were on a first name basis and gathered on porches for sweet tea and knew that they were only as strong as their weakest member.

If that seems like panacea, it’s not. Dolphin Pointe Health Care will bring many publics together in a continuous loop of givingand sharing.

In a 12 block area consisting of the Arlington neighborhood, nearby dorms housed by nursing and allied health students, various medical treatment and diagnostic centers, and an urgent care operation, you’ll find each relationship serves the other in a never-ending circle of giving and receiving.

Interwoven into the fabric of community is the unique reinvention of senior living and aging at Dolphin Pointe Health Care.